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August 19, 2010
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SFTT ORIGINS: The TARDIS by Girl-on-the-Moon SFTT ORIGINS: The TARDIS by Girl-on-the-Moon
This is a redo of the VERY FIRST COMIC I EVER DONE DID. Wow.
Anyway, at the time Claire and I knew nothing about the Classic series and came up with why the Doc stole the TARDIS and put Ten in it. I don't think we even knew about One.
I could've corrected it and replaced Tennant with Hartnell, but... Hartnell's not as funny. And I can't cartoon the man for the life of me.

Anyway, lots of fun with the lighting on this one! Super fun coming up with Gallifreyan stuff too.

Enjoy! The older version is still up over here:

And the even OLDER version is here:

I think I've come a long way in 3 years. XD
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PhantomGirl Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
Bad handwriting.....
Omegakishan Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
*Spoiler Alert for end of Season 4*
I'm sorry to inform you that that particular media of writing is not in fact standard Gallifreyan.

Standard Gallifreyan is a series of symbols similar to the letters of Latin English, as seen in the season 5 episode "The Time of the Angels" in which a home-box in a museum is graffitied by River Song in Gallifreyan, in order to contact the doctor. The circular symbols were seen in the season 4 episode "The End of Time" and were used exclusively for prophecies, as it seemed that the prophecies themselves were vague, the Time Lords having to interpret a vague reference to the enimity of The Doctor and The Master.

It can be noted that the interlocking symbols seemed to convey concepts and ideas, which then need to be understood and interpreted. It can be proposed that the system was devised such that a prophet or seer can record as exactly as possible what they see without the double meanings and misinterpretations of conventional language, such that the system could in fact be a way of capturing an image of a four dimensional moment in spacetime, what the prophet or seer would see in the future, on a two dimensional media.

Oh by the way Standard Gallifreyan doesn't seem to be translated by the Tardis, which translates even written language, such as Roman, for the audience to clearly see, supposedly because a Tardis crew should already be able to read Gallifreyan.

Thank you and Good Night.
Girl-on-the-Moon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
While that all makes a certain amount of sense, that's all head-canon. That's stuff fans have decided. Or just something that you've privately decided.
My decision to include the circular Gallifreyan in this comic is no more or less valid than your personal theories on which system of writing is more appropriate for filling out a fictional form for a fictional space-time capsule.
While your theories are interesting, framing those theories as fact (and therefore implying that I'm ignorant in some way) is not a kind thing to do. Is your goal to make me feel stupid? What am I supposed to do with your theories? Correct the comic? I don't see what you're trying to accomplish here.
Omegakishan Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Sorry to give that impression, I had just been bored and noticed something I thought didn't add up, and when that happens I usually go into lecture mode, and I tend to not consider the fact that I don't know everything. I shouldn't have said things as if it were fact, that was wrong of me, especially since that was guesswork on my part. I really want apologise for that and I hope you'll draw many more brilliant and we'll liked comics.
Omegakishan Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
In my lecturing I forgot to say something.

The look on the mini doctors face is so damn funny, because he has no idea how mini master could get it right when he got it wrong, and master is just smiling at him smugly.

I like this art and frankly, I have come up with a second bit of on the spot reasoning so that it makes sense to me again:

All mini time lords have to learn spacetime writing, but the doctor couldn't get the hang of it. Then, since Tardises travel through spacetime, the application had to be written in the spacetime system.
Xapn Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. You've made a good few pointers, but I would like to correct them a bit if you don't mind. River used Old High Gallifreyan, the lost language of the Time Lords. ("The Five Doctors" 20th Anniversary special, Peter Davison Era. It's the same exact form of writing as in that episode.) 

"DOCTOR: The writing, the graffiti. Old High Gallifreyan. The lost language of the Time Lords. 
(Which, we discover, is what the woman was burning into the surface of the box 12,000 years ago.) 
DOCTOR: There were days, there were many days, these words could burn stars and raise up empires, and topple gods." -The Time of the Angels, Part 1. from season 5.

"DOCTOR 2: It's Old High Gallifreyan, the ancient language of the Time Lords. Not many people understand it these days. 
THE DOCTORS: Fortunately, I do." -The Five Doctors upon examining the obelisk in Rassilon's Tomb in the Dark Tower in the middle of the Death Zone. (See? In the new series, they developed an extremely complex system of writing dubbed Circular Gallifreyan, which involved having to solve a mathematical equation to translate. In the old series, they had modern Gallifreyan, which had come about by the Doctor's time. It looked something like this: 

Follow the link. Whereas Old High Gallifreyan looked more like this:
So, honestly, she could use any kind. Plus, the language is slightly different every time it makes an appearance. Here are other sources that I found to help me back up my claim. 


In any case, the newer series has gone with Circular Gallifreyan for its selected system. I love her comics, and since Doctor Who has changed its style for writing in Gallifreyan so often there isn't an issue in the least with this one.)

And sorry if it seems I'm getting overly confrontational about it; that was not my intent in the slightest. I'm just very bored and not feeling well and had two hours to kill. I understand why you had some issues with it; I had some problems with seeing Tennant as the doctor applying the application for a TARDIS. But I got over it, because all in all the point of the comic is to be fun and not to get stressed out about it. And I do love all the Doctors. 

Omegakishan Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
I stand corrected then, and thanks for the information update, though since I've only seen up to the beginning of season six of the new series and none of the old series, I really shouldn't have made so many assumptions. Thank you for setting me straight.

Long live the Doctor!
Xapn Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's okay. And thanks for not taking my comment the wrong way. I wrote it when I was extremely bored, as well as running a fever and very tired. Came back a few days later and realised how rude it may have been. And I've seen all of NewWho, and only a few of OldWho. However, "The Five Doctors" happened to be one of them, so I knew about the Old High Gallifreyan. And yes,

Viv La Doctor!Who's in the tardis? 
gnappetta Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
I got the joke after about 8 hours, and laughed alone like a total moron.
arionquill Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013   Filmographer
This is too cute and clever! And if we take all the timey-wimey effects into account, the TARDIS is making him have bad handwriting so she can steal him too.
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